Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Tulapop Saenjaroen, Taiki Sakpisit, and Chulayarnnon Siripol
Curated by Lauren Reid at Light&Wire Gallery, 20 February - 20 March 2014

Spectral Reverberations brings together four experimental Thai filmmakers who are using spirituality and metaphor to deal with the complexity of personal, historical, and political scars on the people of Thailand. They speak of private loss, civil unrest and hidden histories. These artists typically blur the distinctions between fiction and fact, crossing time and defying physics in order to grapple with emotions and events beyond easy articulation.

As this exhibition is launched, Thailand will be under a declared state of emergency that began on 21 January due to anti-government protests that have seen at least nine people killed and hundreds injured. Now is a pertinent time to share the unique perspectives within these films that reflect the continuous effects of tumult and trauma; the remnants of which shadow the present.