Sleeping Beauty
2006 / sound / color / Experimental-Documentary / 40 min

A typical day in the life of a woman known to those closest to her as "Sleeping Beauty." The Beauty is an elderly grandmother who is at once cared for by her family and gives her love to those around her, doing her share to keep the household happy.

2006 Duke's Award (The best documentary film): The 10th Thai Short Film & Video Festival, Thailand
Selected Film Festivals, Exhibitions, Screenings and Events
2006 The 4th World Film Festival of Bangkok, Thailand

The 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Theme: Short: As Long As It Takes" Short: As Long As It Takes, The Netherlands
Southeast Asian Digital Cinema, Singapore
Head Or Tail?: Contemporary Media and Video works from Thailand, Ireland
2011 Chiang Mai Now!: You Say You Want A Revolution Retrospective of Thai Independent Filmmakers - Chulayarnnon Siriphol's short films, 13th May 2011, Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC), Bangkok, Thailand
2012 Politics of ME: An art exhibition for micro-perspectives, curated by Pichaya Suphavanij, 29 June - 29 July 2012, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC), Thailand
2014 WILDTYPE MASTERCLASS 001 : FUCK ALLIGATOR A retrospective screening and talk with Chulayarnnon Siriphol, 27 September 2014, The Reading Room, Bangkok, Thailand
2018 DAM’N 006: GOLDEN BOY WITH HIS TRIANGLE, 22 December 2018, DAM'N CINECLUB, Bangkok, Thailand